Ncaa Contracts

As one of the most popular organizations in the world of collegiate sports, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has a plethora of contracts and partnerships that help drive its success. These contracts range from broadcast agreements, sponsorship deals, and licensing agreements, to name a few. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at NCAA contracts and the impact they have on the organization.

Broadcast Agreements

One of the most significant revenue streams for the NCAA comes from its broadcast agreements. The organization has long-standing partnerships with major networks like CBS and Turner Sports to broadcast its flagship events, including the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, also known as March Madness. In 2016, the NCAA signed an eight-year extension with CBS and Turner which is expected to bring in over $8.8 billion in revenue.

Sponsorship Deals

In addition to its broadcast agreements, the NCAA also generates revenue through sponsorship deals. These deals involve partnerships with companies like Coca-Cola, AT&T, and Capital One, among others. By partnering with the NCAA, these companies are able to tap into the passionate fanbase of college sports and gain exposure for their brands. The NCAA also sets strict guidelines for sponsorships, ensuring that they align with the values and mission of the organization.

Licensing Agreements

Another way for the NCAA to capitalize on its brand is through licensing agreements. These agreements allow companies to use NCAA logos and trademarks on merchandise, which generates a significant amount of revenue for the organization. Licensees range from small businesses to major corporations like Nike and Under Armour. The NCAA also works to protect its branding by enforcing strict guidelines for the use of its logos and trademarks.


In conclusion, NCAA contracts play a critical role in the success of the organization. Broadcast agreements with major networks, sponsorship deals with notable companies, and licensing agreements with merchandisers are just a few examples of how the NCAA generates revenue while promoting its brand. As the NCAA continues to grow and evolve, these partnerships will undoubtedly become even more crucial to its continued success.

AUTHOR: Tricor Senedi
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