Contractor Change Order Form

A contractor change order form is a document used in the construction industry to request changes to an existing contract. It helps contractors and clients to formalize all changes made to the project so that all parties involved understand the details of the changes.

The document allows contractors to specify the scope of work that needs to be included in the project change. It includes the revised cost of the project, and any other modifications such as the project timeline or materials required for the job.

If you`re a contractor looking to update the scope of the project and want to submit a change order request, it`s crucial to do it in writing. The client will then have to review and approve the changes in writing, confirming that they understand the revised scope of the project and the revised costs.

The contractor change order form serves as a record of all modifications and acts as a reference point for any future discrepancies. Suppose a client raises a disagreement on a given aspect of the project. In that case, the change order form`s paper trail makes it easier to verify the changes made and can help avoid any potential legal issues.

The contractor should ensure that all changes to the contract are communicated with their team to ensure they have a clear understanding of what adjustments have been made. The form should be filled out entirely, reflecting all necessary details about the changes to the project.

One critical aspect to note is that the change order form should be signed by both the contractor and the client. This step helps to confirm that both parties agree to the updated contract and can go a long way in avoiding future disputes.

In conclusion, the contractor change order form is a crucial document that provides the basis for any modifications to a construction project. It documents any alterations to the original contract and helps to ensure that both parties retain a clear understanding of the scope and cost of the project. With a well-documented change order form, the process of handling modifications becomes much more efficient and can help reduce conflicts and legal issues down the road.

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