Sag Low Budget Agreement 2019

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The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) low budget agreement for 2019 is a welcomed update to the previous agreement, providing more favorable terms for low budget production companies.

The SAG low budget agreement is designed for productions with budgets under $2.5 million. This agreement was renewed in 2019 and includes several key updates that benefit both producers and actors.

One of the significant updates in the 2019 agreement is the increase in the minimum wage for actors. Previously, actors were paid $125 per day, but with the new agreement, they are now compensated at a rate of $148 per day. This increase is a significant improvement for actors, providing them with better wages and more fair compensation for their work.

The agreement also includes a reduction in the number of required principal performers, from six down to three, making it easier for small production companies to comply with SAG regulations and still produce high-quality content.

Additionally, the agreement provides more flexibility for production companies to choose a shorter shooting schedule, which can reduce production costs and help smaller companies stay within their budget.

The new agreement also includes more options for producers to use non-union performers. Previously, non-union actors could only be used in minor roles. However, under the new agreement, non-union actors can be cast in up to three principal roles, providing more opportunities for non-union actors to gain experience and for productions with limited budgets to find talented performers.

Overall, the SAG low budget agreement for 2019 is a positive update that provides more favorable terms for both producers and actors. The increase in minimum wages, reduction in required principal performers, and more flexibility in shooting schedules provide smaller production companies with opportunities to produce high-quality content while staying within their budget.

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