Complementary Services

“We Make You Feel Complete”

At Network Freight, we also provide other complementary services as per following:

Fumigation and Phyto-Sanitary Certification

Supply of standardised pallets

Application of Certificate of origin (C.O.O.)

Tax exemption (including tax exemption extension)

Courier Services

Import and export permit: SIRM (telecommunication equipments), MAQISC (Veterinary Health Certificate for Nutritional & Health Products)

Liaison with Ministry of Health, Department of Veterinary Ministry & other agencies (OGA)

Temporary import & export

Application of Permit from Veterinary Department

Certificate of Origins

A certificate which identifies the country of origin is typically required for international shipments. Certain countries may entirely bar shipments from certain other countries. In select countries, a notarised certificate of the country of origin may significantly lower the taxes levied. In times of need, we are always here to assist you in the application of this important document.

Courier Services

You can benefit from our special agreement and rates secured from major international courier companies to expedite any cargo from small parcel to pallet cargo in or out of the country as prompt as overnight delivery depends on its destination.


We assist our customers on arrangement of fumigation and secure the Phyto Sanitary Certification or both air and sea shipments consisting of wooden material, if required, on a timely manner.

Plastic Palletizing

Using plastic preserves natural resources, while reducing waste. Wooden pallets consume precious natural resources, up to 10 million trees are cut each year to produce wood pallets.


Plastic pallets offer a much longer life and can be recycled into other useful products at the end of their service life. As an alternative to time critical export cargo, plastic pallets has been widely used as a re-placement to wooden pallets to avoid the comparatively more time consuming Fumigation process. At Network Freight, we provide this complementary service to our valued clientele at reasonable prices.