Road Transport

“Reliable & Cost Effective”

Speed to market is the key to success of any logistics network and for Network Freight, we offer our customers prompt, cost effective and safe delivery.


With our own fleet of trucks that are frequently on the move throughout Malaysia, to/from Singapore & Thailand and the high level of maintenance & safety standards with GPS tracker being implemented, we assure you that your goods will be delivered in a safe, secure and timely manner. No matter how exceptional your cargo is, whether it’s temperature or drop sensitive, we have our professional team that strive to work out the solutions that best match your logistical needs in terms of choice of vehicle and route. We will manage the entire process from one doorstep to another, allowing you to focus on your core business growth.

Road Transport Services Offered:

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Loose Truck Load (LTL)

Cross Border Trucking

Custom Bonded Service/Open & Close Seal Shipment at Free Trade Zones

Cold Truck

Fully & Semi Air Suspension Truck

Tailgate Lorry